Thursday, July 15, 2010

Furcraea macdouglii

When I was in Palm Springs recently we went to the Living Desert and took a tour of the gardens. I wanted to share one plant that I fell in love with. It looks like a cross between an aloe and mean agave.

There was also this mature specimen that was amazing:

They had some for sale but I wasn't sure I wanted to cart one back from the desert in my car. Hopefully I can find one here in L.A. and then wait ten years for it to get big and scary.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been letting the hen out with her chicks cuz it's so fun to watch them running around the yard. It does have it's risks though. I usually worry more about hawks and cats, but sometimes I have to worry about my cucumbers.

These two are doing a good job of looking nonchalant. They're just hanging out, no big thing.

But when I came back later they were stomping all over everything. They aren't so interested in the plants as what's under them. They scratch through all the dirt looking for bugs.

Here they are high tailing it to escape my rage.

The chicks are at that awkward stage of half feathers half fuzz and all legs. It's not a good look.

And back in jail, where they belong