Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inter-City Cactus & Succulent Show

Here's a post that I never finished about the last Inter-City Show:

It seems like the Inter-City show and sale comes around faster every year, but I guess it's always in August because it's always blazing hot. It can be hazardous to stand in line with bunch of hot, grumpy seniors who's tempers are not improved by the slow pace of the volunteer cashiers.

It's always worth it though, for the chance to see the great specimen plants at the show and to take advantage of the low prices at the sale. I'm also impressed with how so many of the plants on exhibit are also for sale outside. How's that for immediate gratification?

Agave titanota
I took a picture of the A. titanota because I love how fat the leaves are and how crusty the margin looks. I got a small titanota at the last Huntington sale. It's about a quarter the size of this one which was about 14" across. Maybe I'll keep mine in pot so that I can admire it up close.

Agave isthmenis "Shoji Rajin"
This A. isthmensis was tiny but had a beautiful milky variegation.

Pachypodium rosulatum gracilius

Pachypodium namaquanum

Stenocereus eruca

Escheveria gilva

Dyckia quantum
Dyckia "Keswick"

Agave marmarata

Agave victoria reginea variegated
Aloe "Carcasoth" (?)
Agave nizandensis
Hoodia gordonii

Aloe isthnensis

Agave celsii "Nova"

And these were the plants I came home with.

Aloe esculenta

Aloe suarezensis "Windsor Castle"

Sansieveria trifasciata Hahnii "Loop's Pride"

Dorstenia foetida

"MLB frosty"

Agave guiengola "Creme Brulee"

Adenia venenata
Agave chazaroi

Pachypodium namaquanum

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