Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yard Work

When I was a kid yard work meant cutting the grass. Now yard work means cleaning out pots that I've neglected for 10 years. The pot below is one of the first ones I put together when I moved to LA. It was choked with grass and Kalanchoe and another invasive succulent that I don't know the name of.

It looks kind of lush and wild but the plants that I want to be doing well have to fight for their lives against the interlopers.

It wasn't a delicate procedure. I mostly used the needlenosed pliers to rip the plants out.

Once things are cleared out you can see the nice shapes of the euphorbias.

And the cactus that were hidden under the weedy plants.

There were some holes left so I got these little haworthia and echeveria to fill it in a little bit.

Unfortunately I have several pots that are all overgrown and in need of attention.


The whole group looks a little more happy now that it has some breathing room.

This only a month later and already the weedy succulents are coming back. I'll have to give this one a few more treatments with the needlenosed pliers.

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