Friday, September 9, 2011

More Seeds

I only have about 5 echium seedlings left from the ones I planted a few weeks ago. I was inpired by Chico's Projects to give it another try. He has had amazing success growing Echium pininanas so I'm going to try to emulate him as closely as possible. I also got some Echium fastuosum Pride of Madeira.

I ordered some supplies for the chickens from Farmtek and they had some planting supplies as well. I decided to splurge on some flats, trays and covers so everything would fit together.

Farmtek also had little compressed balls of peat moss to start seeds in.

Once they get wet they swell up and get soft.

The seeds are tiny so I used tweezers to place one in every peat ball.

Then the cover went on the hold in the moisture.

Chico's took 6 days to germinate and he got almost 100% to sprout.

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