Friday, December 30, 2011

Shaw's Agave

The agaves that Sean gave me have been sitting in the back of the truck for months now. Alex and I tried to move them but they were just too heavy for the two of us.

I even tried cutting off a bunch of the lower leaves to make them light enough to move but it wasn't enough. I finally had to enlist the help of my burly friend Bill and the three of us managed to get them out of the truck and up the stairs. 

They'll probably end up sitting in the front yard for months but at least I can use my truck again. 

I am eager to get them in the ground though. They are already sending out new roots so they seem eager as well. They need to go a fair distance up the hill so I might have to schedule a little agave moving party and invite a bunch of people. Who wouldn't want an invitation to a party like that? Maybe I could pay them in agave pups. I have a bunch all potted up a ready to go.


  1. Invite me! Invite me!...oh ya, you live hundreds of miles away from me, never mind.

  2. Loree, you crack me up. Assume that you have a standing invitation to stop by anytime you're within a hundred miles. :)

  3. Burly friend Bill! Ha! I'm always happy to help, Champ!