Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Winds

It got a little windy here last night. A few things blew over but there wasn't too much damage. My pineapple pot broke.

I know it looks like a window blew out of the house but this was window I found on the street that's been leaning against the house for a while. I was thinking I could take it apart and put one in each gable end of the attic. One of the panes broke but that's easy to fix.

This is only slightly messier than the yard usually looks. All that wood is usually gathered into one heaping pile and there aren't normally 20' long palm fronds everywhere.

I also usually keep the trash cans in an upright position, and behind the house rather than in front.

I as a little concerned what happened up the hill. The sopote tree had lost about half it's leaves and a lot of fruit.

I was afraid the tall beehive might have been blown over but it was OK. Those boxes sitting to the right are some spare that have been there for a while. That green corrugated roof panel is one that I hadn't attached yet. It blew about 30 feet.

A couple trunks of the ratty weed-trees also blew over. No great loss. I'll have to cut these up and do something with them.

The power also went out for a while in the middle of the night so the chicks lost their heat source. They've gotten big enough though that they generate enough heat to stay warm if they huddle together. I did put them in a smaller box to retain more of the heat. They were fine in the morning and the power was back on so I put them back in the brooder.

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