Saturday, January 8, 2011

And More Steps

Since I made so much progress with the last step project I thought I would finally build some steps up to the door of the chicken coop. For the last two years I've been high stepping it over the door jam but my old bones are starting to complain.

I used a Home Depot gift card I got (thanks Jason) and got a redwood 4x4 and some block footings and scavenged the rest of the wood from scraps I had lying around the house.

I did all of my calculations and cuts down at the house and then carried it all up the hill. It all went together pretty well and I only had to disassemble one part and put it back together. Not bad.

I can't decide if they look scarier from this angle

or from this angle:

My scraps ran out before I had the whole deck covered. The building inspector wouldn't like it but it works. It will probably take me a couple more years to fill in the gaps. : /

Rather than the "death walk" I like to call the new addition the "observation deck." I was jealous of the chickens view before but now with a 2 1/2 foot boost the view is even better, even framed by the sopote tree heavy with fruit.

Lucky chickens

Now that I've been using theme for a few weeks I think I might have made them too high. I have to bend over to get through the door. I think I preferred the high stepping.

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