Friday, January 14, 2011

Vegetable Bed 3

The Winter bed has filled in nicely and is being admired by this pullet. There is bird netting that goes flat across the sides to keep her kind out but now that the plants are bigger the pullet can reach through and nip off the new growth that is pushing against the net.

That doesn't bother me that much but sometimes she jumps on the net like a trampoline and breaks the stems of the lettuce.

It also seems like it's time to make more room. The broccoli is pushing for more space and the butter lettuce is bolting right through the net.

Here you can see the garlic where the chickens have taken a little off the top.

I decided to expand the netted area with pvc tubing.

I used 1" diameter tubes as sleeves and attached them to the sides of the bed.

The rails are made from two 5' pieces of 1/2" joined by a corner piece.

They slide into the sleeves easily but the tension keeps them tight and upright. I was impressed with how rigid they were.

I wasn't expecting it to looks so much like a covered wagon. I kinda love it.

I had more netting that was thrown over the top and secure with screws at the bottom.

Hopefully everything has enough room for a while.


  1. Wow - that is really cool and pretty at the same time. Jealous!

  2. I think it's ironic that the pvc pipes look like wish bones. That should remind those chickens of there place.

    I wanna see!