Friday, January 14, 2011

Potato Towers/Chicken Spa

Despite what it looks like, this isn't a pile of dead chickens.

Chickens love to take dustbaths and they love to do it communally. Out of the whole dusty yard they choose to do it in the tires I use for growing potatoes. The idea is that you start with one tire and as the plant grows you stack another tire on top and fill it with dirt. This encourages the plant to grow a longer stem or something and produce more potatoes. I've put off planting the seed potatoes because the chickens have been spending so much time in their little tire spa.

I figure that since they all like to bathe together, roman style, they can make do with one tire.

I've had a plate of sprouted potatoes sitting on the dining room table for weeks now so I threw them into the two back tires.

Then I filled them up to the rim with dirt and compost and stacked the next tire one top.

I think this will keep the chickens out.

This I'm not so sure, but I didn't have anymore hardware cloth, so the tomato cage will have to do.

They seem happy with the arrangement:

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