Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Plants

I was driving down the street last week and found this aloe lying in the road. It was right next to someone's green bin on trash day so I figured that they were treating it like trash. I've seen enough Law and Order to know that once the trash is on the curb it's up for grabs so this went directly in my trunk.

It looks like it was a piece that broke off of a larger clump and laid on the ground for a few weeks before someone threw it out. The crown is flat and whitened and damaged from being upside down but the older leaves are thick and juicy and full of life.

I stripped of the bottom leaves to give me enough room to get the base to root.

I put it in a pot with another rescued plant that my friend Bill gave me for my birthday (thanks Bill). I love that kind of gift.

Aside from the older plant being red from the sun, it looks like these two could have grown up together. I love them. I think I'll move them to a shadier part of the yard for a while until the new plant gets used to the sun. I don't want that white top to get scalded.

I think that these are Aloe arborescens but I'll know more if they bloom next year.


  1. Actually, once the trash bins are put out for collection, the contents belong to the City of Los Angeles. I believe this was enacted when we started recycling, to discourage people from "liberating" aluminum cans and other items of value. LA would probably not care about the aloe,though.

  2. HelenB, now that you mention it, that law does sound familiar. That's what I get for relying on what I learn from TV. I hope my new aloe doesn't get repossessed.