Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fox Tail Agave Update (4)

Here's the previous update that I didn't publish until recently.

Bloom stalks are now totally dry and brown. I've been putting up with them because I was hoping that bulbils would form that I could propagate.

A few did form at the tip and on the arch of the spike but not nearly as many as I was expecting. I've watched a couple other bloom spikes in the neighborhood over the past couple years and they had hundreds of bulbils crowding the whole length of the stalk. I don't know what I would have done with hundreds of agave attenuatas but I'm sure I would have figured something out.

The mother plants did get a fare number of new offsets growing from the trunk and I thought that these would just grow bigger and bigger until there was a large clump of mature rosettes at the end of the trunk, but when I started to pull off the dried leaves to give the new plants room to grow they started to fall off.

It turns out they aren't firmly attached and there were a few clumps that had already fallen to the ground.

This one had sent roots down and clearly wanted to stay where it was so I left it.

These are the rest that I collected. Each clump has ten to 30 little plants so I guess I got my hundred new fox tails after all.

Here they are potted up. They look a little small compared to the fast growing Agave desmenttiana but I'm sure they'll be bursting out soon. Then I'll need to figure out where to put them.

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