Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Project

I started a new project today:

Bees! Well, no bees yet but I put my hive boxes together. It looks so cute, it actually has a happy face on the front. I still need to paint it and find a place in the yard for it but I'm hoping to get some bees in there soon.

I also had the chance to go visit a nearby beekeeper with some new friends I met at the chicken group

The bee suits are so flattering, and although I was covered from head to toe I still felt a couple spikes of panic when a bee kept head butting me. Everyone else was really calm and relaxed. Maybe that comes with time.

There were 6 different hives here and the beekeeper said that they all have distinct personalities. I didn't realize that bees could be so different. There are lots of swarms in LA right now so once I get set up and put my name of on the list hopefully I can get a nice friendly group of bees.

Update 5/03/11:

I finally got the boxes primed and painted. I just need to make a base for it to sit on and I think I'm ready for bees.

I wanted to pick a golden color so it would blend in a little on the hill when the grass has turned yellow. This color is actually called golden honey. A bit twee but I think it looks nice.


  1. I am sooo jealous. I need to get motivated and get mine going!

  2. Hey Dustin, It has taken me two years to get this going. There's always so much to do