Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Bees

I got the new boxes painted just in time. Roberta and I went and did a cutout from a sprinkler box at Lisa Edelstein's house.

She has a beautiful yard overlooking the Silver Lake Reservoir. She's had a couple hives set up house in her yard recently. Here's a picture she took from up on her deck while she watched us do the cut out.

The bees were really mellow, even when we were cutting their comb out and attaching it to the frames in the new box. It seemed like we got the queen because the workers were doing a lot of fanning and gradually all of the stray bees marched up into the box to join their sisters. Roberta vacuumed some stragglers out of the sprinkler box but there weren't many bees flying around by the time we were done.

I'm hoping that they stay because they are such nice bees. My first hive seems much more protective of their space. So far they seem to be doing OK next to each other. You can really tell how much more active the first hive is though.

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