Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turkey Coop, 5

The first couple photos here are from last week. I was too exhausted to blog.
I got all of the posts up and put in the bottom plates.

Once the posts were vertical they started to dry out faster. The one in the middle has really warped. It shouldn't mess anything up but it's ugly.

When I started this weekend I trimmed off the posts to the same height and started putting the top plates on. All of the posts have warped a little so I tied them together so they would be the same distance at the top as at the bottom. If it's not square it might cause me problems when I put the roof on but I'll worry about that later.

It started to look like something, a box. A big box.

Everything is costing more than I had planned so I scavenged some scrap wood from work. It's plywood and particle board so I put a couple coats of paint on it to see how long I can keep the moisture out. I figure if I can get a few years use out of these it will be worth it.

Then all I had to do was carry everything up the hill.

I'm a little surprised how much the sun moved in the time it took me to attach the boards. I don't know what is more skewed, my expectation of how much things will cost, or how long things will take. Three weekends ago I joked that my plan looked like a month's worth of weekends to get done. Now I feel like I'll be lucky to finish next weekend. The turkeys and I are eager to have this done.

The turkeys will now have the best view in Party Valley Heights.

I managed to tack up three bays of mesh and then ran out of steam.

That leaves the roof, the coop, the door and the rest of the mesh for next weekend. Yikes.

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