Saturday, July 16, 2011

Give and Take

Several months ago some new people moved in down the street. I saw the guy out working in the yard one morning so I decided to go say hi and take him a little welcome gift. He was digging out all the dead grass so I thought he might like an agave that wouldn't take much care or water.

He seemed a little taken aback that someone was talking to him but I soldiered on and welcomed him to the neighborhood and said I hoped he would like it. He said that he found the neighborhood a little scary. That left me a little taken aback. Even if I could come up with a reason for him to be scared, I couldn't figure out why he would buy a house in a neighborhood that he was scared of. That was the last time I talked to him, not because I was avoiding him or anything. I just never saw him again. He pulls straight into the garage and I haven't seen him in the yard again.

Today, Fedex delivered a package to me that should have gone to that neighbor. His address is 489 and mine is 498. I took the package over and while I was waiting in vain for him to answer the doorbell I noticed the agave I had given him sitting in the dirt next to the door. It looked like it hadn't been watered the whole time since I gave it to him. It was all purple and shriveled.

So I took it back.

Ok I admit it. I don't like that guy, but I sort of feel like this situation is my fault. I should have never given him a plant in the first place. Plants can be a lot of pressure. They have needs. I was misled by the fact that he was out working in the yard. I thought he would like a plant. I was totally projecting. I would like a plant, but that doesn't mean he has to.

It felt a little weird to walk down the street with the little stolen agave but I took comfort in the fact that he clearly hadn't given the plant a second thought. He probably won't even notice that it's gone.


  1. You did the right thing of course, taking it back. I just wish you were my neighbor I would be very excited about agave gifts.

  2. I think I would be a little afraid of HIM. Too bad that he had never been taught how to accept a gift. That was a missed opportunity turning down your agave. Don't let it put you off when the next neighbor moves in.