Friday, May 27, 2011

Bee Cut Out

Roberta and Ceebs came over last night to transfer the bees from the squirrel box to my hive box. Their comb had to be cut out and tied into the frames in the hive box.

Roberta got some photos and videos of the process but here are some from this morning. As opposed to the rest of the times I've seen them this week, there are bees everywhere. They are flying around, crawling over the hive box, on the ground and on the squirrel box. We didn't finish until it was cold and dark last night so the bees basically laid where they fell. Once it warms up a little more I'm hoping they'll be able to regroup.

The door is in the back now so you can only see a few bees on this side.

They are still very interested in the squirrel box. It must still smell like home. Hopefully the queen is in the hive box and all the bees will gather there.

The video doesn't really do it justice but for every bee you can see here imagine 10 more swooping around.

Update: 6:00pm
I climbed around to the other side so I could see the door to the hive box. There were bees coming and going and some just hanging out.

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