Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turkey Update

The turkeys are growing fast. They are much more rambunctious and run around a lot. The slates seem much more inquisitive and assertive than the royal palms, which seem almost demure.

I've noticed some differences between the poults and a chick. The poults seem to want to eat out of the hen's mouth. The hen makes her standard cluck to call them over when there's food and then taps at the ground to show them where it is. The poults focus on her beak and peck at that to get the food. A chick would peck at the ground. I've heard that turkey hens raise their poults much longer than a hen would. Maybe they feed them right from their mouths too. It doesn't seem to cause these poults any problems. They still peck the ground and eat out of the feeder. It just surprised me a little.

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