Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Turkey Update

I never get enough turkey updates. Is it possible they're only 3 1/2 weeks old? Maybe.

They are starting to go through what I call the ugly stage. Chicks go through it too. It starts when they are about half feathers and half fluff. They lose their cute round proportions and start to look gangly as their necks and legs grow longer. If anything, the poults necks are even longer then the chicks, and their wings seem large and awkward. I like when they grow out of this phase. When all of their feathers come in but they are still small. They look like little miniatures of their future selves.

Alex kept defending them, saying they were still cute until one morning he got a good look.
"Oh" he said.

This is redeemingly cute though:

It's almost a Turducken pyramid. We've been getting some late rain and unseasonably cold weather. The poults are a little muddy and confused but they seem to be doing OK otherwise.

I started supplementing their diet with some scrambled egg. I couldn't find turkey starter which calls for higher protein. The hen was very excited about it and the poults gulped it down. It's a good thing their trachea and esophagus are separated otherwise they might choke themselves.

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