Sunday, June 19, 2011


I work near a few upscale nurseries, Rolling Greens, Inner Gardens, and this place Orchids De Oro. I think that they supply specimen plants to rich people or the movies or something. All of their plants are super big or in bloom or in a big fancy pot. They moved into this new, bigger facility about a year ago and planted the strip next to the building with a bunch of agaves I don't recognize.

They started blooming almost immediately.

The blooms spikes were soon covered in the bulbils I'd been hoping to see on my foxtails. They were so full of them that they bent over with the weight.

I kept my eye on them thinking that I could harvest a few but wondering if I should call and ask first or something. I never managed to make the call and before I knew it the bulbils started turning brown and they started cutting down the stalks. The next day I went over to see if there were a couple bulbils left and this is what I saw:

The ground was littered with the little plantlets. I've learned my lesson a couple times not to sit on my hands for too long. I figured they wouldn't miss a few.

Or a bag full.

I didn't have much to put them in so I made a little flat out of this container a plastic feed bag and some pieces from the bottomless scrap pile of 2x4s.

I mixed some cactus mix with some leftover perlite. I'm hoping that the mix will be nice and loose so once the bulbils grows some roots I can still pull them out easily.

It ended up being a pretty big pile of plants.

I fit about 100 into the flat

and crammed 1oo more into three little pots.

I'm not sure where all these plants are going to go but I figure I have a couple years to figure it out. We'll see how many make it.

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