Monday, June 27, 2011


I found this outside my window this morning. I'm assuming one of the half-feral cats got it. Now it's food for ants.

I would have more sympathy for the gopher if they didn't do so much damage. Just last week I had to save a couple of my shark skin agave pups.

The gophers had eaten the roots and left them for dead.

I thought I had a picture of one of the cats sitting in a chair in the yard. There's one that has a squinty eye that likes to hang out in the yard. The cats are always curious about the chicks but they haven't caused any problems so far.

These days I'm not so crazy about animals that don't do some kind of work. I've always been reluctant to get a cat because of the coyotes and after not having one for so long I appreciate having a hair free house. Having the ferals around kind of makes up for it. I'd put some food out but that would just encourage the oppossum that's living under the house. One night I heard an epic battle down there with one of the cats. It just about shook the house.

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