Thursday, June 30, 2011

Turkey Coop, 3

Today my goal was to get all of the digging done and set the posts.This is where I left off last weekend:

I hadn't done much digging when I came across this:

I know it's hard to see what it is so I'll just tell you. It's a spider inside of a dirt clod. A big spider, tarantula big, in my backyard, just waiting to emerge and start catching birds or cats or something. That sound you just heard was me throwing up a little. That's the bottom of it that you can see where the legs connect to the body. It's abdomen is partially covered by a silky cocoon. I was fascinated by it until it moved a little bit, and then we parted company.

I spent the rest of the afternoon digging.

I had to break up the dirt before I could load it into the wheel barrow and dump it. The bottom of my feet are sore from jumping on the shovel.

The slope of the hill is steeper than in my drawing so I dug down deeper than two feet. Luckily no more jurrasic spiders were uncovered.

This is supposed to be a leveled area rather than just a trench but I decided that I would focus on making space for the posts and cross pieces and then finish digging. It's a little demoralizing to spend 4 hours digging and not be able to notice much of a difference. If I could just drive a screw I would feel some satisfaction.

I'll try to dig some post holes in the morning.

Oh, and here's my bruise from the wheel barrow:

It's still a little tender.